What is Meals on Wheels?

It is a private, non-profit, organization made up of 100% volunteers.  All are dedicated to delivering nutritious hot meals to the homebound residents of La Verne and San Dimas.

Who may apply to receive meals?

Any homebound individual who has difficulty cooking (whether because of age, illness, or injury) may apply to receive Meals on Wheels.  There are no income or age restrictions.

How are meals prepared?

All meals are planned by a dietitian for nutrition and appeal.  Each comes in a tray with an entree, a vegetable, and a starch.  A small, paper bag will have bread, milk or juice, and fresh fruit or a sweet.  Those who wish may have it sugar-free by ordering a diabetic meal.  All meals are low sodium (low salt).

When are meals delivered?
Meals are delivered Monday through Friday, including holidays, usually between 11:30 AM and 1:00 PM.

How do I sign up?

Just call our message line at (909) 596-1828 and request meal delivery.  An intake volunteer will call back to arrange a visit at your home to verify your address and assist you in filling out the application.  A deposit to cover meals for the first two weeks will be collected.  Meal delivery usually begins on the following Monday.

How much are the meals?

The meals, which cost just $5,  include a hot entree, two side dishes, bread and butter, beverage, and  fresh fruit or  dessert. Diabetic-diet meals are available.

What if I want to sponsor a friend or family member?

Any individual, group, or church may apply for and sponsor a recipient.  Just call (909) 596-1828 and we’ll arrange everything!

How can I help?

You can help in two ways:

1. Become a volunteer.
2. Sponsor a recipient by making a donation.
Volunteers are needed

Volunteers are needd in many capacities.  Donate your time or talents by calling (909) 596-1828.